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08/21/14 05:23 PM #31    

Kristin Munk (Williams) (1964)

     I have enjoyed reading the well written letters of appreciation for the fantastic weekend we enjoyed together in Montpelier celebrating our heritage and reconnecting with our past.  I thought how much Mother and Dad (Lewis Munk) would have enjoyed each event as they found and visited with people that had been such an important part of their lives.  Dad often shared his yearbook, some interesting themes, and many amusing stories about you, his students, with our family as we sat around the dinner table.  Consequently, I felt like I knew many more students than those I attended school with from 1960 to 1964.  He told of his first day at Montpelier High School as a teacher and I quote, "I went to school early, eager to begin teaching in a new school.  Instead of going around by the cement walk, I cut across the thick, green lawn to the front door.  Standing there was an attractive young lady by the name of Margaret Malsbury.  She smiled at me and said in a very friendly and half apologetic voice, 'We don't walk across the lawn at Montpelier High, Mr. Munk'.  I apologized, thanked her, and walked inside and immediately met more startling though pleasant surprises.  Wherever I looked, the building shone with a sort of gleaming cleanliness and newness as though it had just been built."  Dad soon learned that the 350 students each year for 17 years had been taught to have pride in their school.  That same pride is alive and well today as evidenced by the number who turned out to remember and to reconnect with one another this past August 8th and 9th.  I, along with my four siblings, Russell, Janel, Marian, and Dale had a wonderful time at each of the well planned events.  Many thanks to Ross and Mary Kay who shared their dream with Del and Betty Gail Lyons, the Anthony's, Lee and Yvonne Roderick, David Dimick, Lynn Roderick, and countless others who rallied to work untold hours to provide all the attendees with a once in a lifetime experience.  As I gloried in the opportunities to visit and get reacquainted, I also realized that  my ability to recognize and connect with all former acquaintances was limited and so, sadly, I missed seeing many friends from the past.  It was much worse than being in an ice cream store and not getting to sample all the flavors.      

     Congratulations and thanks to all  for a job superbly done! 

Kristin Munk Williams-  Class of 1964



08/22/14 05:28 PM #32    

Jo Ann Stephens (Farnsworth) (1955)

Some of these comments are food for the book you want to write.  I enjoyed Leonard Matthews finishing the story on Charles Kunz and Mrs. Johnson.  I am going to see that dent in the study hall if possible.

Sherrel Rae Evans Burgyone said there was not a minute in the day during the reunion that there were at least 50 people in the Rails and Trails Museum.  She gave out a nice little history paper telling about the forming of Montpelier High School and the first two graduating students.  In case you did not get one, they plan to sell the paper at the museum.

The 1939 and 1941 Idamont that I had on display in the gym were donated to the museum by Verl Mumford who lives in Vernal, Utah.  I have taken them to the museum.

Someone is looking for a copy of the old ski lodge that once sat in Montpelier Home Canyon.  If you have one why not share it with Rails and Trails Museum?

I am still in wonder or call it a high with the way the reunion turned out and how it made me feel.  Thanks everyone for all your work and for coming.



08/24/14 06:19 PM #33    

Larry Grimes (1958)

I cannot adequately express the joy I felt from the moment I walked in the gym on Thursday and that I still feel a week later.  That reunion will ever be etched in my memory.  It made me even prouder to have played a small part in the history of Montpelier and MHS.  Wherever I go people ask me why MHS has produced so many outstanding graduates, particularly, though not exclusively just a few years after the conclusion of World War II.  I have thought long and hard about this because in many respects Montpelier is like countless other "Mormon" towns.  But in other, perhaps more material respects, Montpelier had a unique  array of elements, when combined, resulted in a blue ribbon concoction some people call success.  Let me elaborate.  MHS and its feeder schools were blessed with a unique set of circumstances including time (post World War II and the influx of newly degreed teachers, mostly men and mostly veterans who had spanned the globe courtesy of Uncle Sam); experience (the collective wisdom gained from joining some 13 million other Americans from literally all walks of life and ethnicity that  we clearly would not have encountered in many isolated Mormon Country towns); perspective (one that none of us had much of a chance of obrtaining absent the circumstances of the War and its impact on our teachers; and, heritage (namely our religious and pioneer backgrounds).  Think about it. In addition to Messrs. Winters, Munk, Baker, and many others including many wonderful, mostly local but talented women, we also had teachers who returned for a time to teach here and who brought home the fruits of one of the most important gifts our Government ever bestowed on its citizens.  I refer of course to the GI bill.  That legislation allowed veterans from all walks of life, to bring their world experieces to our schools.  In some cases this benefit lasted only a few years.  In other cases it lasted for the lengths of their respective careers. Though some may differ, I believe that the GI Bill really benefitted us, the students, perhaps even more than the vets who got their tickets in places like Logan, Provo, Salt Lake City, Pocatello and Moscow.  

When taken altogether, and with due recognition to many other people and factors I do not mention, I believe that it was this combination of elements that leads to the answer to the question posed above.  We, the graduates, can only take so much credit for whatever we define as success.  It was our teachers who should get the credit in that time and in this place.      

Of course many distiguished MHS graduates came under the influence of other inspiring non-veteran teachers. But for those of us who were exposed to this combination of talent and experience, I say we were blessed, inspired and that's why many left this beautiful valley and made their way in the world.  These circumstances only lasted a few years.  But they were golden years and we all took with us a boatload of inspiration.  Those are my observations.  What are yours?   

08/24/14 07:16 PM #34    

Michael Bateman (1955)

Ross, Thanks for considering me for the the history section on Thursday. I thought your remarks about people power at the end of the assembly really caught the mood of the reunion. For so many great people and so much added to society from such a small high school over the many years of its existance speaks strongly to your theme of People Power. Mike Bateman. MD FACS. 

08/25/14 09:09 PM #35    

Richard Anthony (1960)

Well said, Larry, I think you are onto an idea that needs to be fleshed out.  Thanks.  RA

08/30/14 08:24 PM #36    

Renee Kunz (Wuska) (1963)

Spending August 8 and 9 in Montpelier for the Montpelier Sesquicentennial Celebration and the All-Class Reunion was wonderful and a time that I will always remember!  I would be remiss to not thank Ross and Mary Kay Peterson, Lee Roderick, Delano and Betty Gail Lyons, Lynn Roderick, David Dimick, and their committees who had to spend countless hours organizing this incredible event!  The website is amazing and is priceless for staying in touch!  Richard Anthony was a perfect MC for the assembly Friday evening, and it was wonderful hearing the tributes of deceased favorite teachers by members of their families! I also cannot express the pride I felt watching the video "Montpelier: A Celebration of its History."  A common thread that was so evident at the Reunion is that we all were proud to have grown up in Montpelier, or the surrounding area, and we all loved our time spent at MHS!  Thanks again to all! 

08/31/14 06:51 AM #37    

Reola Phelps (1963)

Renee says it so well.  Thanks to all and a terrific time!  Loved being there

08/31/14 02:14 PM #38    


Rosanna Combs (Andersen) (1959)

Is it possible to get that film on this site?


09/13/14 12:29 PM #39    

Karen Kunz (Phillips) (1967)

Greetings, better late than never but just wanted to say how grateful I am for Lynn's many calls and e-mails that were not always welcomed at the time,  but now I come before you repented and say THANK YOU ALL WHO WERE ON THE COMMITTEE and allowed me to experience a wonderful weekend that will never be repeated in my life time.   LOVED IT!


Loved the movie and was wondering if it could be made available for purchase?   I for one would like my children to have a copy of the history and pictures of the place I love and call home.  Was thinking if it was made available for purchase that perhaps some of the merchants could sell it and the revenue be used for a scholarship fund for a student  from Bear Lake High-----just a few thoughts I have had .

If there was a downside to the celebration it would be  that more did not realize that it was trully a celebration not only of MHS but also of the town and I am not sure that I even realized that until the movie.

I can't help but feel that for 150 years at MHS we were fortunate enough to have faculty members who loved their profession and took pride in what they were doing as well as doing the right things for the right reasons no matter the sacrifice---like vacations for some faculty members that involved getting school supplies for the coming years :)  so we who went to school there have trully been blessed and it has made us who and what we are---not a bad beginning to propel us into the world to make our mark.

I truly felt that what I felt and experience was what it will be like when I pass from this life and greet my loved ones on the other side so thanks for a glimpse of heaven for a couple of days.

    Karen Kunz Phillips  ( last graduating class)

09/14/14 07:03 PM #40    


Rosanna Combs (Andersen) (1959)

I agree with you, Karen.  Please, please,please Make the video available for those of us who tried, but couldn't get there.  We are in route thru historic Nauvoo on our way to Kitrtland and finally our mission in DC.  Want to stay in touch.  Karen, have you done your profile.  We had some fun times and I would love to know more about your life since high school.  Do you remember Almira Allen we stayed with at music clinic in Pocatello?  When I moved there, she became a good friend.  Sending my best,  RCA


09/15/14 06:53 AM #41    

Thomas Vaterlaus (1951)

Please add my hope for a a video.  I planned to attend and made all the arrangements only to cancel just a week before due to ill health, so acess to anything I missed would be great.   I was so looking forward to the event.  Not being able to attend was a great disapointment.

Thomas D Vaterlaus (class of '51)

09/15/14 12:06 PM #42    

Jennie Warner (Corbett) (1958)

Since  I also missed the reunion, I would like a copy of the video if it is decided to make some.  It would be a grat history .  Jennie Warner Corbett.

09/15/14 02:45 PM #43    

Marion Preston (1961)

I would love to see the video also. Was working so couldn't come to the reunion. MP class of 61.

09/16/14 02:01 PM #44    

Gaylen Clayton (Hatch) (1967)

I think there might just be a market for those of us who would like a copy of the film shown at the theater.  I was there to see it but would really like a copy!!!!  Please!

09/16/14 11:48 PM #45    

Dorthea Swensen (Kendall) (1949)

What I am reading more and more is, "Please, may we have a copy of the movie 'Montpelier and MHS: Our Cherished Legacy'". I was not able to see the movie at the old Rich Theater and would surely love to have a copy; I'll bet enough people would be willing to pay whatever it would cost to have copies made--I would.  Since my Great-Grandfather, Christian Hogensen, was one of the men sent to "scout out" the Bear Lake Valley for colonization, I have more than a casual interest in seeing the results of the research that must have gone into making that movie. Many thanks to those who produced it.     Although I saw very few of my classmates at the celebration [we are getting pretty few in number] it was worth every mile traveled and dollar spent to be there.  Too bad it took the 1100 miles of travel to see my first cousin [Beverly Swensen Dawson] whom I hadn't seen for quite a number of years.      Thanks to all of you who made that 150th celebration possible, and to all of you who have posted messages.  

Dorthea Swensen Kendall, Class of '49

09/17/14 08:44 AM #46    

Margene Hess (Hudson) (1962)

I would love to have a copy of the video of Montpelier history if it becomes available.  I was unable to attend the festivities because of health issues.  Montpelier will always hold a special spot in my heart,  Many thanks to the organizers of the celebration!!!  This website is a real joy and blessing in keeping me connected to my Montpelier roots. We had many gifted teachers at MHS. I'm alway proud to say "I am a Bear Laker" and I would like my grandchildren to see what that's about.

09/17/14 12:10 PM #47    

Diane Price (Bateman) (1963)

Please add my name to the list of those who would like a copy of the film about the history of Montpelier.  We thought it was exceptional as was the entire weekend.  Want to send a belated thank you to all who worked so hard to make the Sesquicenetennial such a success.  There was just too little time to share so many memories and catch up with all.  How wonderful if we could have an MHS All Class Reunion on a regular basis!  Larry Grimes has some great ideas along that line.  Diane Price Bateman - Class of '63


09/18/14 12:36 PM #48    

Gaylen Clayton (Hatch) (1967)

Many kudos and thank you's to Ross and David for working overtime in perfecting the film shown at the old Rich Theater, which will eventually be available to all of us soon!!!!!   Again, many thanks for all that you, the committee members/workers, for the tribute to Montpelier and its great high school.  Thank you so much.

09/18/14 08:56 PM #49    

Karen Kunz (Phillips) (1967)


09/19/14 01:59 PM #50    

K B Rasmussen (1950)


A response to Ross Peterson’s proposal about a scholarship for high school students from K.B. Rasmussen.

I second the enthusiasm for the video and applaud “all” the work done for the reunion. The reunion was for me a vindication of my conviction that our high school years were somehow unique and absolutely life changing. My wife Jeanne and I returned to Montpelier with a desire to “give something back” which leads me to a proposal about Ross’ proposed annual scholarship for high school students. The Bear Lake Education Foundation awards several scholarships each year – some as a product of their own fundraising and some for other organizations and groups. We’d love to take over the task for you.


That desire to give something back I spoke of turned into the Bear Lake Education Foundation. Jeanne and I and two of our four children moved back to Montpelier in 1986. We were moving from Darien, Connecticut at a time when Connecticut schools were the best financed in the country and had the country’s highest SAT scores. I didn’t want our kids short changed as a product of our move, so I went to visit with the superintendent of schools and asked him what Jeanne and I could do to help. He asked us to form an education foundation for Bear Lake County schools. I confess, that I didn’t know what he was talking about,  but after visits to a successful college foundation and some correspondence with the “Ford Foundation” we formed the Bear Lake Education Foundation.

In that first year of the foundation’s life, we were blessed with a “eye popping” success. At a time when computer labs were nonexistent in the State of Idaho, Charles Burgoyne (class of ’50) helped the foundation to install two state of the art computer labs. Bob Wigington (another alum) and vice-president of Kawai International, gave the high school tens of thousands of dollars of electronic musical equipment and grand pianos and each spring took the old equipment away to replace it with brand new equipment each fall. Another alum from California provided the expertise and all of the funds to light the football field.

And that was just the beginning. Twenty-six years later, the foundation is still up and running and over the years has provided more than $100,000 in gifts and projects for county schools.

Gifts and projects like:

  • Help with a TV broadcast station for the high school that televises local sporting and other community events.

  • Hundreds of grants for teachers for equipment, books, personal education and training, all aimed at improving the quality of education in their individual classrooms.

  • Multiple scholarships for teachers towards advanced degrees.

  • Dozens of scholarships for graduating seniors.

  • New sound and lighting systems for the middle school auditorium.

  • A wall of honor in the school district offices recognizing our outstanding alums and then bringing them back to the community to talk about their pathway to success.

  • Corporate projects aimed at training against job opportunities.

  • Letter sweaters for students exhibiting outstanding academic achievement.

  • Computer labs for each school in the district.

  • An outdoor education center for A. J. Winters Elementary.

  • Industrial arts class at the middle school.

  • Funding for CAD CAM at the high school.

And the list could go on for pages and pages. My favorite project was one we initiated at the middle school (our old high school). After we installed the new sound system, we wanted middle school kids to get an education just by being in the building and walking around, so we supplied CDs with some of the world’s best classical music which was played before and after school and in between classes. We purchased and hung prints of some of the world’s greatest art and identified the artist and the art. All part of an effort to give valley children a unique and life changing experience, just like the one we got.

I tell you these things hoping you’ll also want to give something back, perhaps as a member of the foundation’s national advisory council and as an ambassador for our foundation and for our schools.

I loved our reunion.


09/21/14 08:53 PM #51    

Jo Ann Stephens (Farnsworth) (1955)

Wow what great things you have accomplished.  Where do I donate?

Jo Ann Stephens Farnsworth


09/22/14 05:56 AM #52    

DeeAnn Clark (Brown) (1955)

I had no idea such an organization exists.  It appears there's already something in place to accomplish what others have proposed.   Please post information so that we can contribute.  Thanks.

09/23/14 11:00 AM #53    

K B Rasmussen (1950)


A little bit more about the Bear Lake Education Foundation.  The foundation board of directors is an all- volunteer board, with a representative from every county school, most county communities and a representative of the Bear Lake School Board. The superintendent of county schools also serves on the board. You should also know that 100% of all contributions go towards improving the quality of education in our schools (this is the foundation’s mission statement).

Contributions to the foundation should be sent to Maria Teuscher who is the foundation treasurer. Her address is:

                              Maria Teuscher, Treasurer

                              Bear Lake Education Foundation

                              110 North 8th Street

                              Montpelier, ID 83254


We’ll send you a receipt for your contribution and let you know how your contribution is being used. We’ll also put you on our mailing list for our newsletter which is published twice a year.


A couple of anecdotes. At every board meeting (held monthly), the foundation board approves multiple small grants for teachers (up to $300). A teacher who lives in Geneva recently spent $575 of her own money to buy literature books to enrich the classroom experience. The board approved a grant of $300 to reimburse her. We wish it could have been more.


Our county high school fields an “acadeca” team comprised of our best scholars. We regularly place at or near the top of the state and two or three years ago, competed nationally as one of the most outstanding groups  of scholars in the country. We are carrying on the “rich” Montpelier High School tradition of scholarship.


You should also know that the state of Idaho is the only state in the country (as far as I know) which gives a tax credit and a tax deduction for a contribution of up to $200 to an Idaho school or an Idaho school foundation. Because of this, if you’re married and filing jointly, you can contribute $200 annually to the Bear Lake Education Foundation, for an out of pocket cost of just $55. If you’re single, you can contribute $100 for an out of pocket cost of just $27. If you’re interested, we’ll send you a brochure that

explains this process. The brochure is entitled “Did You Know That You Could Have the Midas Touch.”


Thanks for your interest in giving something back.


K.B. Rasmussen

09/23/14 07:04 PM #54    

Jo Ann Stephens (Farnsworth) (1955)

Thanks for this information K.B. I need to do more.  The L.D.S. church has a Humanitarian project for helping the schools.  I picked up two of their cards and took the things they needed for the schools.  Among the articles were hand cleaner, kleenex, writing tablets and much more.


10/30/14 09:44 AM #55    

K B Rasmussen (1950)

Thanks to those of you who have contributed to the Bear Lake Education Foundation. Your funds have already been used for small grants for teachers to improve the quality of classroom education and for equipment upgrades for the high school TV station. Many thanks, KB Rasmussen, class of '50.

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