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The Blue Spruce


By J.R. Nelson

Have you ever been to ‘southern Idaho?
Where the Blue Spruce trees grow
Right up the street the middle of Main
No matter the weather snow or rain

The beauty of the trees is very great
To me I like to stop and contemplate
What a sad thing it soon shall be
When the trees I can no longer see

The tourists as they pass through
They comment on the pleasant view
Of pine trees growing so high
Trying to catch the blue of the sky

They are a part of my home town
I can’t think of them cut down
To remove these trees at will
Is like removing “M” hill

To watch a good old fair parade
While sitting in the Blue Spruces shade
Was a thing I remember best
I think you all know the rest

The trees at Christmas beauty bring
The spirit of Christmas and everything
The light they glisten on branches so high
They seem to touch the heavenly sky

They lived through weed spray
And the coldest Bear Lake day
It seems a very sad way to go
In the wake of the construction blow

They look tall and very strong
But haven’t a way to change this wrong
Is it their fault they are growing so fare
Or is it the hand that planted them there

I could not the first swing take
I could not all the hearts break
The trees were planted long ago
For their beauty to world to show

Who will the first swing take?
Who will kill this living thing?
Who will send it crashing to the ground?
Who will hear that horrible sound?