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05/02/15 03:04 PM #69    

K B Rasmussen (1950)


May 2015

The Bear Lake Education Foundation Celebrates Its 28th Birthday!


The Bear Lake Education Foundation is celebrating its 28th birthday and apparently is just reaching its prime. To demonstrate this fact this year the Foundation:


Heartfelt thanks to MHS alumni for your help. KB Rasmussen, Class of 50

  • Formed a partnership with Montpelier High School alumni, and through the sale of the DVD “Montpelier A Celebration of Its Story”, established a new and ongoing scholarship for graduating seniors.

  • Will award more and larger scholarships than ever before – two $1,000 Bear Lake Education Foundation scholarships, the new $1,000 Montpelier High School scholarship, a new Bear Lake Emergency Amateur Radio Club scholarship for $1,000, and the ongoing Ruth Wilcox scholarship.

  • Awarded 20 Small Grants for Teachers ($300 grants to improve the quality of education in the classroom). These grants to teachers were awarded in each school in the district.

  • Helped to fund the new computer laboratory for the Bear Lake Middle School.

  • Teamed with Monsanto and an involved parent to fund a major grant for the high school girls’ softball team.

  • Provided funds for the high school TV station to assure digital broadcasts of musical and sporting events.

  • Worked with Bear Lake Memorial Hospital to establish payroll deduction contributions to the Bear Lake Education Foundation. (A number of hospital employees are contributing to the Foundation on a monthly basis.)

  • Funded grants for graduating high school seniors for community service projects.

  • As a result of your contributions earmarked funds for individual schools and individual projects.

  • Introduced the 2015 “All In” campaign, complete with multiple direct mailings, radio ads, and full color newspaper ads.

  • For the first time, funded equipment for the high school golf team.

  • Worked with teachers to co-sponsor grant applications to state agencies and other groups for funding for district programs and projects.

  • Provided news releases and newspaper and radio ads, including the “Did You Know That…” ads to keep the community informed of the “good things that are happening.”

  • Increased the number of school teachers and administrators who are contributing to the Foundation on a monthly basis.

01/26/16 10:47 AM #70    

Frank Ross Peterson (1959)

Greetings from the high desert of Eastern California.  Kay and I are teaching at Deep Springs College this spring and enjoying our return to where we lived for three years.  It is an amazingly quiet and peaceful place in a valley where we can see the Sierras one range away, but the only occupants of the valley are the students, staff, coyotes, gophers, hawks, cattle and horses.

If  anyone is interested, we are leading a US history  Bus Tour to the eastern US this may-May 21-28.  It includes days in Washington, arlington National Cemetery, Mount Vernon, the Capitol, and the white HOuse.  Then to Harpers fErry, Antietam,and Gettysburg.  Back through Amish country to Philadelphia and Independence Hall and we end up in Baltimore.  We will sneak in a major league game and have a great time.  Columbus Travel in Uth is coordinating, but some MHS and BLHS alums had asked me when we were going again and so we are.  801-295-9568 ext 2010.  

Have a great winer and spring.  Our class is returning to the valley this summer.  By the way if any MHS reunions want to use the banners we had made for 2014, let us know.  

Ross Peterson

01/27/16 07:14 AM #71    

Merlin Jay Price (1958)

Hi Ross,

We were so amazed to receive your message about the trip to these historical areas here.  We are serving a mission here at the Washington DC Temple and will still be here in May.  We would love to join with your group for a few days, if possible.  We are throughly enjoying our time here.  Keep in touch.

Merlin and Joy (Powelson) Price

01/27/16 12:32 PM #72    


Rosanna Combs (Andersen) (1959)

Hi Ross and the Prices, we are serving a mission in WA D C South Mission. Hope to see you in May. Everyone shoul experience DC. The area is so deep in history, you will never leave without a great appreciation for our founders and all that gave us our great country.

01/28/16 09:43 AM #73    

Frank Ross Peterson (1959)

Prices and Andersons;  Missions in the DC area.  We will be having a stop at Madison Fields up the Potomac River on Saturday evening, May 21.  I will keep you posted on our activities.  We are going to many of the Memorials and monuments on Sunday evening and a Nationals baseball game on Monday night.  Kay and I have led tours there many times and we have a great time.  Pres. Huntsman in DS South and Pres. Cooke in DC North are both very good friends I have met through Utah State.  When the schedule is finalized, we will let you know.  Thanks for responding.  Kay's brother Larry lives in Haymarket, VA.


01/28/16 03:30 PM #74    

Jo Ann Stephens (Farnsworth) (1955)

This trip sounds wonderful.  I love to travel, but health issues won't permit it.  Carry on with all you do.  You do so much good in the world.


01/29/16 03:02 PM #75    


Rosanna Combs (Andersen) (1959)

Thank you, Ross.  I look forward to it.  Should be back in shape then.  Besides the monster DC storm, I had emergency gall blatter surgery.  Home now.  I am president Huntsman's secretary plus.  Good man.

05/06/16 04:02 PM #76    

Vicki Jensen (Sparks) (1966)

Class of 1966

50th year Class Reunion is being planned for graduating class members and their companions.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone from Class of '66 to join us July 2, 2016 at the Oregon Trail Center in Montpelier at 6:00pm for dinner, program, visiting and pictures.  Please send a response to dogknifeii@gmail.com.  We hope to see you one and all.

Vicki Jensen Sparks & Gary Teuscher

02/25/17 06:23 PM #77    

Jo Ann Stephens (Farnsworth) (1955)

We buried Claudia Ruth Lewis Wigington today in the Montpelier Cemetery.   She was born April 18, 1937 in Lanark, Idaho and died February 21, 2017 in Providence, Utah.  She and her husband Dean lived in Montpelier until Dean died and then she moved to be near her children.  She was in the MHS class of 1955.


04/20/17 04:08 PM #78    

Jo Ann Stephens (Farnsworth) (1955)

I enjoyed the photograph of the first graduating class of the Lincoln school in Montpelier.  However this building is the one I went to.  There was a Lincoln school building on the same site that was built before this one in the  picture.  I would assume these people went to the first school.  Somewhere in the museum or Pat Wilde's books I have seen a photograph of the first one.

10/18/19 04:46 PM #79    

Marilyn Weber (Perkins) (1962)

Kaye Dunn, wife of Robert Dunn, class of 1961, passed away thus morning in Montpelier after a valient fight with cancer.  The funeral will be held on Saturday October 26th at 11:00 at the 2nd Ward church in Montpelier.

01/10/20 12:11 PM #80    

Larry Grimes (1958)

Dear friends and friends of friends of the Class of '58. Several of our colleagues have suggested  that we have a gathering prior to our next scheduled reunion.  Marcia Meek (Smith) called me a while ago to test my reaction to this suggestion.  Since most of us will be celebrating the "80 trips around the sun" mark in this year of 2020, maybe we should have a modest joint birthday party before more of us ...well you know the rest of this line.  I loved the idea and agreed to help promote such a gathering in Logan on July 18 th.  So SAVE THE DATE!  Details are being formulated and will be circulated by the usual suspects, bless them, Jolene, Anne, Marcia and others.  This will be an informal get together at a party room at the development where Marcia and Ron Smith live in North Logan.  It will be on the after-noon of the 18th, giving any who wish plenty of time to attend an entertainment at the FABULOUS MUSIC FESTIVAL GOING ON ALL MONTH in Logan, produced by the esteemed Michael Ballum.  If you haven't heard of, or attended some of this festival, I am here to tell you it rivels anything I have ever seen from Scotland, to NYC, to DC, to New Orleans, to LA, and beyond.  It it that good!  OR, if you wish Bear Lake is just a 40 minute or so drive up the canyon and has many treats and fun things to offer as well. I strongly encourage all who can to come.  There will be no program or agenda but just a chance to have a good visit.  BYOB of whatever you want to drink; sandwiches will be provided.  I assume cups, glasses, ice and condiments will also be provided.  Don't quote me on these specifics; just rely on the materials to be sent later by those who know better than I.  I just mentioned the above as most people don't bring them when they jump in the car.  

I hope all who read this please tell your friends and neighbors.  This will be the last chance we all have to celebrate our 80th birthdays.  That only happens once.  Stay tuned.  Larry Grimes sends warm greetings and love to you all.  

04/08/21 10:36 AM #81    

Pamela Humburg (1962)

Hello, I am Pamela Humburg, My Sister Shannon Humburg ( Schirm ) is looking for information on the class reunion for the class of 1961. She is not a member of this forum so if anyone knows any information please let me know. 

My E-Mail : geraldjadenty@yahoo.com. 

Thanks for your help. She is living in Georgia and would like to be able to get airline travel booked before the last minute.

04/10/21 09:01 AM #82    


Bonnie Woolstenhulme (Phillips) (1966)

Class of 1966 reunion is scheduled for Saturday, August 21, 2021 in Montpelier.  Please contact Bonnie Phillips for more details and plan to attend.      bonniejwp@gmail.com   208-851-8259

04/10/21 09:15 AM #83    


Bonnie Woolstenhulme (Phillips) (1966)

Combined 1959-1960 class reunion

Lee Roderick (class of 1959) has organized a combined class reunion for 1959 and 1960 Montpelier High School graduates.  The reunion is scheduled for August 28, 2021 at Montpelier beginning at 2 p.m. and culminating with a dinner at the Oregon California Trail Center in the evening.  Those wishing to attend need to notify Lee prior to May 15.  It will be great to see everyone again after 60 years.

Please contact Lee Roderick by phone or e-mail as soon as possible at the following:  435-764-4545  or  rodcom@rodcom.org

Thanks, Nolan Philliips, class of 1960

04/10/21 09:47 PM #84    


Nolan Phillips (1960)

Combined 1959-1960 class reunion

Lee Roderick (class of 1959) has organized a combined class reunion for 1959 and 1960 Montpelier High School graduates.  The reunion is scheduled for August 28, 2021 at Montpelier beginning at 2 p.m. and culminating with a dinner at the Oregon California Trail Center in the evening.  Those wishing to attend need to notify Lee prior to May 15.  It will be great to see everyone again after 60 years.

Please contact Lee Roderick by phone or e-mail as soon as possible at the following:  435-764-4545  or  rodcom@rodcom.org

Thanks, Nolan Philliips, class of 1960

04/23/21 02:23 PM #85    

Don Olsen (1964)

Does anyone have photos of the old high school that sat at the end of Lincoln Street, Washington School before it burned and/or the Bennington School where we were sent after the fire? Many thanks!

04/24/21 11:06 PM #86    

Frank Ross Peterson (1959)

I think the News Examiner has a good photo archive, at least they used did a few years ago.  I think we have posted some pictures of the Washington School before it burned on this website before.  Linda and Ross Walker have many pictures as well and know if the Montpelier Libraray has them.  The small Bennington School is pictured in some family histoires I have seen that Richard Bunderson had.  As far as the original high school next to Lincoln Street, there are pictures in teh yearbooks that are in the LIbrary of Bear Lake HIgh school.  I am not sure that it burned, but was taken down after the AJ Winters school became a reality.  For sure, the Washington burned and those children went to Bennington, Dingle, and the Junior HIgh.  Thankfully, it burned when students were not in the building and did not have to use that canvas chute as a fire escape from the Sixth Grade window.  In the labeling of the originial DisneyLand, that chute was an ERide.   Ross Peterson

04/25/21 11:52 AM #87    

Kent Bunn (1964)

Are you speaking of the old Central High School at the east end of Lincoln Street? When did you leave Montpelier?
Kent Bunn

04/25/21 01:22 PM #88    


Rosanna Combs (Andersen) (1959)

Was the old Jr High where JL Jaussi was principle originally the High School?


05/10/21 07:45 PM #89    


Nolan Phillips (1960)

Combined Class Reunion     MHS classes of 1959 and 1960

MHS classes of 1959 and 1960 are having a combined class reunion in Montpelier on Saturday, August 28, 2021 beginning at noon with a "bring your own" picnic lunch at the Church pavilion, 359 North 5th Street (Montpelier 3rd and 5th ward building).  After lunch and visiting, there will be some activities, followed by a dinner at the Oregon Trail Museum in the evening.  

If you haven't already committed to attend, please let Lee Roderick know by this Saturday, May 15, 2021 if you plan to attend.  Lee can be reached at telephone number 435-770-0704 or by e-mail at rodcom@rodcom.org

Let's see each other once again before we get any older so we can reminisce about the "good old days" at MHS.

07/02/21 03:27 PM #90    


Bonnie Woolstenhulme (Phillips) (1966)

55-year Reunion for MHS class of 1966

Saturday, August 21, 2021

11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Grace Thiel Community Center in Montpelier

(formerly Senior Citizens' Center)

RSVP by August 1 to 

Bonnie Phillips

bonniejwp@gmail.com     or 


08/19/21 10:04 AM #91    


Bonnie Woolstenhulme (Phillips) (1966)

MHS Class of 1966 Reunion has been moved to the South Stake Activity Center (aka "Jericho Gym") 485 South 7th Street. 

Same date and time--

Saturday, August 21 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  See you there!

07/03/22 07:58 PM #92    

Frank Ross Peterson (1959)

Hi Friends:  Kay and I have been thinking about Montpelier continually for the last few days.   We hope that building a LDS Temple on Washington (Main )Street will spur an economic revival for the area.  It is asking for a miracle to bring life to the lower part of the street, but there are many classic buildings, tough good people, and a legacy that is positive and exciting.  WE have been so pleased that many of our friends enjoyed the book, Christmas in Montpelier, and know that the love of place is powerful.   Please take some time and write of your own experiences and deposit them at the Library.

By the way, we met the great granddaughter of the person who buildt the Purple Sage on Fifth street.  It is still standing and has historic standing becasue the John Bagley who built it became Idaho's attorney general.  Thanks for your friendship and come back whenever you can.

Ross and Kay Peterson

07/28/23 09:56 AM #93    

Michelle Jacobson (Moore) (1973)

The Class of 1973 is holding its 50th class reunion on August 16, and 17, 2023.

August 16: Meet and greet at the Jericho Gym 485 South 7th St.  Montpelier.

August 17: Dinner at Coopers at Bear Lake West1:00-3:00

Contact Michelle Jacobson Moore  (michelle@r2mg.com) for more information.


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