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12/25/14 01:14 PM #60    

Julie Martineau (Steffes) (1963)

Thanks, Ross, for those thoughts about fearlessness.  My lessons from MHS included "try anything."  And I have tried many new and wonderful things.  We eat what new food when we travel.  We moved to Mexico after retirement.  I changed careers a couple of times through the years to be flexible in following Dave in his career.  We bought horses when we moved to New Mexico after 35 years not riding.  And much more.  Julie

12/26/14 05:06 PM #61    

Larry Grimes (1958)

In reviewing the comments I have seen assessing the reunion I am attracted to one I believe came from Richard Anthony.   We all ought to take a hand at creating an essay about some aspeact of our MHS experience.  Then, after sufficient material can be gathered, the scholars among you, can see what sort of compilation can be created into a book; this could be some sort of collective memoire.  And that can be passed on to our heirs.  What say ye, scholars and (like me) pseudo historians?  And then, when a target can be set for the publication, we need to plan another similar event in a handful of years to get together and enjoy talking about the recorded thoughts, etc.  I hope to be around for a few more years and would love to attend such an event. By the way between these damned iphones, ipads, etc. my spelling has nearly disappeared and when this is combinned the effects Mr. Arthur Itis has had on my hands my typing is a real test.  I was better once, thanks to Mrs. Michaelson.  Larry Grimes '58 

12/26/14 08:35 PM #62    

Richard Anthony (1960)

Larry is right--and the best writer I know for the job is Lee Roderick..If anybody has read any of Lee's biographies, you know that about which I am talking.  (I am so happy I re-worded the end of that sentence, for ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put.)  To paraphrase Sir Winston.

Probably the easiest thing to do would be to add a story board to this site, and submit it to that.  What think you, David?


Rich Anthony

12/30/14 09:18 AM #63    

Trudy Tufts (Bradley) (1964)

Great idea for recording our experiences at MHS...........I deny everything!  Ross and Mary Kay, thanks again to you and your committee for all you did to reunite us and make the reunion a success.  You both are in the Will!!!  We have you down for the two cats..........  Cheers!

01/01/15 04:29 PM #64    

Jo Ann Stephens (Farnsworth) (1955)

I read Lee Roderick's biography on Orrin Hatch and he did a fine job.  He would be good to write this book.

01/20/15 03:07 PM #65    

Richard Anthony (1960)

Just a story out of my Journal concerning the Outhouse Event of Halloween 1959.  Perhaps this will be the beginning of our book about Montpelier.  I cannot vouch for anything in this record.  I find the mind to be a strange thing, particularly when one remembers  anything more than 50 years ago.  Rich Anthony


31 Oct 1959 Halloween.  This night, having been planned for quite some time, I, Glay Homer, Layne Wilcox, Bob Moss, Skip Modula, and several more that I can’t remember, drove Skip’s old Jeep Pick-up close to an old two-seater outhouse up by the Oregon trail, pushed it over onto the truck.  Somehow we got it to stay on, and drove down the back streets, to the High School, backed up over a curb and sidewalk between the school and Gym, and deposited the toilet there.  I think we put a sign on it saying “Teacher’s lounge”, and left it for the Halloween gift to the school.  The next night, Jack Evans, Steve Pugmire, and Jerry Peterson poured some gas on it and fired it up.  The fire department was called and doused it, but by the time they got there, it was pretty much gone.  I think it burned a couple of little pine trees nearby, and maybe some sparks got on the roofs of both buildings.  Well, it was no secret as to who had put it there.  Coach Grant found out the house movers, and Glay and I and perhaps Bob had to clean up the mess.  We may have loaded it in Doyle’s truck to take it to the dump–I do not remember.  Nobody seemed to know who burned it down.  So we decided to find out.  Before school started, we were asking around.  It did not take long before Bob Moss met Steve Pugmire coming to school and said: “Alright Pugmire, why did you burn down the toilet?”  Pugmire told him to be quiet and asked how he knew.  By then it was all over.  Bob should have become a detective.  Anyway, that is the story as I remember it. I have heard two other renditions of the event.
The following is an editorial in The Grizzly for 16 Nov. 1959, concerning the “house”.
    Returning to school, Monday November 2, following the Halloween week end, students found a large spot just south of the flagpole covered with ashes.  On Halloween night, an outhouse had been moved onto the lawn in front of the High School as a practical joke.  It stood there the next day for people to see and chuckle at.  Late that night is was soused with gas and burned down by Jack Evans, Jerry Peterson and Steve Pugmire.  The only real damage done was to a large spot on the lawn, that will have to be re-seeded, and to one pine tree planted two years ago.  
    In first period Algebra II class, ideas were discussed pro and con about what should be done.  One radical group felt that an assembly should be called and everyone given a lecture on this juvenile act and those concerned made to pay for it.  The other radical group felt that putting it there was a good joke, something the school need to laugh at itself after two months of hard work.  They felt that the only reason some wanted an assembly was to get out of school and to get a big laugh out of.  They felt that it wasn’t nearly as important as the act of breaking into the high school and stealing the FFA Sweetheart money.
Some felt the same as Spencer Rigby.  “Putting the building there was a good joke, but burning it down right there was carrying things too far.  Those who did this should have to pay for it.”  Mr. Perkins suggested that it would have been a good idea and fun to take it out back and (as Paul Rohner expressed it) “have a burning of the outhouse.”
    The office is upset about it for the fact that it was burned so close to the High School.  Flames were leaping to the top of the building and could easily have set fire to the dry leaves on the roof and to the High School.  Mr. Phillips said, “It was done by some who were not thinking”.  Those who were involved had to clean up the mess and will have to pay for the damage.  -----------
    There was no mention of the outhouse in the News Examiner.  We won the district championship on Friday, the 30th of Oct.  Deposited the toilet the next night on Halloween, Pugmire, Evans, and Peterson burned it on Sunday night, Larry Dayton died on Saturday from injuries the night before in a car accident, and so with all the excitement, it was never mentioned.  Perhaps the reason it was not mentioned was because the perpetrators were part of the Championship team.  Perhaps it was because of the editorial in the paper the Thursday before Halloween.  Printed below:
    As Halloween approaches it is pleasurably beholden on us to again emphasize the fact that for decorum, good citizenship and all around conduct, children in these years put to utter shame the Halloween antics and escapades of the elders.  Contrary to wide publicity on youthful delinquencies, improvement in general conduct of children or teenagers, over that of the immediate or preceding generations, is in many ways not confined to latter October days, but may be observed on other days and months throughout the year.
    Not so long ago the destructive pranks and waxing of windows, long before and after the holiday, were routine and something, it seemed, that had to be lived with.  In more recent years, however, there has been very little of that sort of thing, due to school, church and group parties.  In fact, few are the reports of anything of a destructive nature, or malicious acts designed to embarrass anymore.
    So it is and confidently in advance of Halloween we speak on behalf of all those reconstructed elders, in praising boys and girls for their enlightened observance of this mighty important occasion.  Important not alone for the light-footed darting apparitions flitting here and yon, and for those hideously masked hobgoblins, but also for their victims and hosts–those work-a-day mundane house dwellers, who seldom have the privilege of consorting with such outlandish callers.  There is a price, however.  But a Treat is always better than a trick.  
         Perhaps Mr. Taylor, the Editor, decided that the championship they won was more important than the toilet episode, and that he would just not mention it.  Or perhaps Mr. Phillips put out the fire, and not the fire department, and nobody knew anything about it.  Or---perhaps the truth is not to be known in this life. 

03/15/15 03:23 PM #66    

Jo Ann Stephens (Farnsworth) (1955)

It looks like Winnie Mae Wright Freeman is on two of those class pictures (#4, #7) that Paul Rhoner submitted.  She has a great memory and might identify someone.  She was from Bennington, but it still looks like her. 

03/16/15 07:56 AM #67    

K B Rasmussen (1950)




Just a brief report on what your buying the DVD-“Montpelier a Celebration of its Story” will mean to schools and more importantly to the students in Montpelier and the Bear Lake School District. Two hundred and thirty seven of you bought over 300 DVDs and another dozen of you made a direct contribution to the Bear Lake Education Foundation. Through your purchases you’ve contributed $4500 to the Montpelier High School Scholarship Fund. Your contributions will mean that a graduating Senior will receive a $1000.00 scholarship from Montpelier High School graduates for at least the next five years and perhaps many years beyond that.                                                                        

Those of you who made a direct contribution to the Foundation should know that your contributions have funded grants for teachers in the elementary schools in Georgetown, Paris, and in Montpelier (A.J. Winters Elementary in Montpelier), for grants to the Middle School and the High School, and for funding for the High School TV Station.  Each grant designed for and focused on improving the quality of education in the district’s schools. You’ve helped to purchase books, newsletters, IPADS, discovery bags, computer programs, etc.

From those of us living in the valley - our heartfelt thanks.  We’ll be sending you a copy of the Spring Foundation Newsletter to keep you up to date with what’s happening here in our schools and with the next generation of our graduates. K.B. Rasmussen, Bear Lake Education Foundation

03/18/15 05:15 AM #68    


Rosanna Combs (Andersen) (1959)


05/02/15 03:04 PM #69    

K B Rasmussen (1950)


May 2015

The Bear Lake Education Foundation Celebrates Its 28th Birthday!


The Bear Lake Education Foundation is celebrating its 28th birthday and apparently is just reaching its prime. To demonstrate this fact this year the Foundation:


Heartfelt thanks to MHS alumni for your help. KB Rasmussen, Class of 50

  • Formed a partnership with Montpelier High School alumni, and through the sale of the DVD “Montpelier A Celebration of Its Story”, established a new and ongoing scholarship for graduating seniors.

  • Will award more and larger scholarships than ever before – two $1,000 Bear Lake Education Foundation scholarships, the new $1,000 Montpelier High School scholarship, a new Bear Lake Emergency Amateur Radio Club scholarship for $1,000, and the ongoing Ruth Wilcox scholarship.

  • Awarded 20 Small Grants for Teachers ($300 grants to improve the quality of education in the classroom). These grants to teachers were awarded in each school in the district.

  • Helped to fund the new computer laboratory for the Bear Lake Middle School.

  • Teamed with Monsanto and an involved parent to fund a major grant for the high school girls’ softball team.

  • Provided funds for the high school TV station to assure digital broadcasts of musical and sporting events.

  • Worked with Bear Lake Memorial Hospital to establish payroll deduction contributions to the Bear Lake Education Foundation. (A number of hospital employees are contributing to the Foundation on a monthly basis.)

  • Funded grants for graduating high school seniors for community service projects.

  • As a result of your contributions earmarked funds for individual schools and individual projects.

  • Introduced the 2015 “All In” campaign, complete with multiple direct mailings, radio ads, and full color newspaper ads.

  • For the first time, funded equipment for the high school golf team.

  • Worked with teachers to co-sponsor grant applications to state agencies and other groups for funding for district programs and projects.

  • Provided news releases and newspaper and radio ads, including the “Did You Know That…” ads to keep the community informed of the “good things that are happening.”

  • Increased the number of school teachers and administrators who are contributing to the Foundation on a monthly basis.

01/26/16 10:47 AM #70    

Frank Ross Peterson (1959)

Greetings from the high desert of Eastern California.  Kay and I are teaching at Deep Springs College this spring and enjoying our return to where we lived for three years.  It is an amazingly quiet and peaceful place in a valley where we can see the Sierras one range away, but the only occupants of the valley are the students, staff, coyotes, gophers, hawks, cattle and horses.

If  anyone is interested, we are leading a US history  Bus Tour to the eastern US this may-May 21-28.  It includes days in Washington, arlington National Cemetery, Mount Vernon, the Capitol, and the white HOuse.  Then to Harpers fErry, Antietam,and Gettysburg.  Back through Amish country to Philadelphia and Independence Hall and we end up in Baltimore.  We will sneak in a major league game and have a great time.  Columbus Travel in Uth is coordinating, but some MHS and BLHS alums had asked me when we were going again and so we are.  801-295-9568 ext 2010.  

Have a great winer and spring.  Our class is returning to the valley this summer.  By the way if any MHS reunions want to use the banners we had made for 2014, let us know.  

Ross Peterson

01/27/16 07:14 AM #71    

Merlin Jay Price (1958)

Hi Ross,

We were so amazed to receive your message about the trip to these historical areas here.  We are serving a mission here at the Washington DC Temple and will still be here in May.  We would love to join with your group for a few days, if possible.  We are throughly enjoying our time here.  Keep in touch.

Merlin and Joy (Powelson) Price

01/27/16 12:32 PM #72    


Rosanna Combs (Andersen) (1959)

Hi Ross and the Prices, we are serving a mission in WA D C South Mission. Hope to see you in May. Everyone shoul experience DC. The area is so deep in history, you will never leave without a great appreciation for our founders and all that gave us our great country.

01/28/16 09:43 AM #73    

Frank Ross Peterson (1959)

Prices and Andersons;  Missions in the DC area.  We will be having a stop at Madison Fields up the Potomac River on Saturday evening, May 21.  I will keep you posted on our activities.  We are going to many of the Memorials and monuments on Sunday evening and a Nationals baseball game on Monday night.  Kay and I have led tours there many times and we have a great time.  Pres. Huntsman in DS South and Pres. Cooke in DC North are both very good friends I have met through Utah State.  When the schedule is finalized, we will let you know.  Thanks for responding.  Kay's brother Larry lives in Haymarket, VA.


01/28/16 03:30 PM #74    

Jo Ann Stephens (Farnsworth) (1955)

This trip sounds wonderful.  I love to travel, but health issues won't permit it.  Carry on with all you do.  You do so much good in the world.


01/29/16 03:02 PM #75    


Rosanna Combs (Andersen) (1959)

Thank you, Ross.  I look forward to it.  Should be back in shape then.  Besides the monster DC storm, I had emergency gall blatter surgery.  Home now.  I am president Huntsman's secretary plus.  Good man.

05/06/16 04:02 PM #76    

Vicki Jensen (Sparks) (1966)

Class of 1966

50th year Class Reunion is being planned for graduating class members and their companions.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone from Class of '66 to join us July 2, 2016 at the Oregon Trail Center in Montpelier at 6:00pm for dinner, program, visiting and pictures.  Please send a response to dogknifeii@gmail.com.  We hope to see you one and all.

Vicki Jensen Sparks & Gary Teuscher

02/25/17 06:23 PM #77    

Jo Ann Stephens (Farnsworth) (1955)

We buried Claudia Ruth Lewis Wigington today in the Montpelier Cemetery.   She was born April 18, 1937 in Lanark, Idaho and died February 21, 2017 in Providence, Utah.  She and her husband Dean lived in Montpelier until Dean died and then she moved to be near her children.  She was in the MHS class of 1955.


04/20/17 04:08 PM #78    

Jo Ann Stephens (Farnsworth) (1955)

I enjoyed the photograph of the first graduating class of the Lincoln school in Montpelier.  However this building is the one I went to.  There was a Lincoln school building on the same site that was built before this one in the  picture.  I would assume these people went to the first school.  Somewhere in the museum or Pat Wilde's books I have seen a photograph of the first one.

10/18/19 04:46 PM #79    

Marilyn Weber (Perkins) (1962)

Kaye Dunn, wife of Robert Dunn, class of 1961, passed away thus morning in Montpelier after a valient fight with cancer.  The funeral will be held on Saturday October 26th at 11:00 at the 2nd Ward church in Montpelier.

01/10/20 12:11 PM #80    

Larry Grimes (1958)

Dear friends and friends of friends of the Class of '58. Several of our colleagues have suggested  that we have a gathering prior to our next scheduled reunion.  Marcia Meek (Smith) called me a while ago to test my reaction to this suggestion.  Since most of us will be celebrating the "80 trips around the sun" mark in this year of 2020, maybe we should have a modest joint birthday party before more of us ...well you know the rest of this line.  I loved the idea and agreed to help promote such a gathering in Logan on July 18 th.  So SAVE THE DATE!  Details are being formulated and will be circulated by the usual suspects, bless them, Jolene, Anne, Marcia and others.  This will be an informal get together at a party room at the development where Marcia and Ron Smith live in North Logan.  It will be on the after-noon of the 18th, giving any who wish plenty of time to attend an entertainment at the FABULOUS MUSIC FESTIVAL GOING ON ALL MONTH in Logan, produced by the esteemed Michael Ballum.  If you haven't heard of, or attended some of this festival, I am here to tell you it rivels anything I have ever seen from Scotland, to NYC, to DC, to New Orleans, to LA, and beyond.  It it that good!  OR, if you wish Bear Lake is just a 40 minute or so drive up the canyon and has many treats and fun things to offer as well. I strongly encourage all who can to come.  There will be no program or agenda but just a chance to have a good visit.  BYOB of whatever you want to drink; sandwiches will be provided.  I assume cups, glasses, ice and condiments will also be provided.  Don't quote me on these specifics; just rely on the materials to be sent later by those who know better than I.  I just mentioned the above as most people don't bring them when they jump in the car.  

I hope all who read this please tell your friends and neighbors.  This will be the last chance we all have to celebrate our 80th birthdays.  That only happens once.  Stay tuned.  Larry Grimes sends warm greetings and love to you all.  

04/08/21 10:36 AM #81    

Pamela Humburg (1962)

Hello, I am Pamela Humburg, My Sister Shannon Humburg ( Schirm ) is looking for information on the class reunion for the class of 1961. She is not a member of this forum so if anyone knows any information please let me know. 

My E-Mail : geraldjadenty@yahoo.com. 

Thanks for your help. She is living in Georgia and would like to be able to get airline travel booked before the last minute.

04/10/21 09:01 AM #82    

Bonnie Woolstenhulme (Phillips) (1966)

Class of 1966 reunion is scheduled for Saturday, August 21, 2021 in Montpelier.  Please contact Bonnie Phillips for more details and plan to attend.      bonniejwp@gmail.com   208-851-8259

04/10/21 09:15 AM #83    

Bonnie Woolstenhulme (Phillips) (1966)

Combined 1959-1960 class reunion

Lee Roderick (class of 1959) has organized a combined class reunion for 1959 and 1960 Montpelier High School graduates.  The reunion is scheduled for August 28, 2021 at Montpelier beginning at 2 p.m. and culminating with a dinner at the Oregon California Trail Center in the evening.  Those wishing to attend need to notify Lee prior to May 15.  It will be great to see everyone again after 60 years.

Please contact Lee Roderick by phone or e-mail as soon as possible at the following:  435-764-4545  or  rodcom@rodcom.org

Thanks, Nolan Philliips, class of 1960

04/10/21 09:47 PM #84    

Nolan Phillips (1960)

Combined 1959-1960 class reunion

Lee Roderick (class of 1959) has organized a combined class reunion for 1959 and 1960 Montpelier High School graduates.  The reunion is scheduled for August 28, 2021 at Montpelier beginning at 2 p.m. and culminating with a dinner at the Oregon California Trail Center in the evening.  Those wishing to attend need to notify Lee prior to May 15.  It will be great to see everyone again after 60 years.

Please contact Lee Roderick by phone or e-mail as soon as possible at the following:  435-764-4545  or  rodcom@rodcom.org

Thanks, Nolan Philliips, class of 1960

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